24 Jun 2024 - News
The Liechtenstein Institute can look back on a productive year, which was characterized by continuity in research and other academic activities as well as personnel changes. In the first half of the year, basic state funding was secured for the years 2024 to 2027. In late fall, Thomas Meier took over as the new director of the institute. He succeeded Christian Frommelt, who moved to the University of Liechtenstein. » more
24 Jun 2024 - News
From 19 to 22 June 2024, the 8th Colloquium on Crime and Criminal Justice in the Early Modern and Modern Era took place at the University of Bern under the title «New Criminal History. Topics, Methods, Perspectives». Stephan Scheuzger presented a paper on the topic «The Global History of the Prison in the Long 19th Century: Concepts and Empiricism». » more
19 Jun 2024 - News
Three days after the voting Sunday, the first results of the voting survey are available. The analysis shows a high degree of consistency in voting behavior between the 2019 and 2024 national hospital referendums. The reason for this stability is the motives of the voters, which stem from strongly anchored basic attitudes. On the Yes side, it was the conviction that a sovereign country also needs a national hospital, and on the No side, criticism of the hospital strategy. » more
17 Jun 2024 - Survey
In cooperation with the Stiftung Lebenswertes Liechtenstein, the Liechtenstein Institute has conducted a survey on social cohesion in Liechtenstein. The initial results are now available. » more
3 Jun 2024 - News
Patricia Schiess' comparative law e-book on the financing of public broadcasting in Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany and Switzerland was published at the beginning of April 2024. » more
29 May 2024 - Monitoringbericht
The Liechtenstein Institute has been commissioned by the government's Commission for the Protection against Violence to monitor and document events, developments and incidents in the area of extremism in Liechtenstein. The 2023 monitoring report has now been published. The report represents a comprehensive review of the topic of extremism in Liechtenstein and is now available online. » more
29 May 2024 - News
The weak performance of Liechtenstein’s economy has eased slightly. The value of the KonSens business cycle index rose in the first quarter of 2024 compared to the previous quarter, from −0.9 to −0.2. » more
28 May 2024 - Neue Publikation
In a working paper, Lukas Ospelt examines the history of reception or «legal transplants» in the field of civil law in the Principality of Liechtenstein from the early modern period to the early 21st century. The unconventional question is also raised as to whether it would not have been more expedient for the Confederation of the Rhine in 1812 to adopt the French Civil Code of 1804 (in German translation) instead of the Austrian Civil Code of 1811. » more
27 May 2024 - News
May 26 marked the centenary of the legal introduction of the Swiss franc in Liechtenstein, which is why Swiss television’s Tagesschau broadcast a report on the adoption of the Swiss currency in Liechtenstein and conducted interviews at the Liechtenstein Institute. » more