Liechtenstein Environmental Law

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Research Area:

The aim of the project is to produce several monographs on Liechtenstein environmental law as compact, overview-like presentations of important aspects. The main focus is on the practical aspects of environmental law.


Environmental law encompasses all legal provisions that are intended to directly or indirectly counteract adverse effects on humans, animals and plants. A first, narrow circle can be drawn as the protection of individuals from damage and nuisance caused by immissions, such as noise and radiation. A second, wider circle includes the protection of natural living beings and the preservation of the basis of life for humans and other living beings, for example through air pollution control, water protection and soil protection. Finally, global dangers, such as global warming and the pollution of the world's oceans, can be located in a third, very broad circle.


As part of special administrative law, environmental law is regarded as a dynamic cross-sectional subject of practical relevance, for example with regard to the polluter-pays principle or complaints by associations.


Project duration: since 2022