Political System of Liechtensteins: Continuity and Change

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This book is the first comprehensive monograph on the political system of Liechtenstein from a social science perspective. It was produced during five years of research and participatory observation of the political process at the Liechtenstein Institute. Updated again for publication, it is thus at the cutting edge of Liechtenstein policy development. This study elaborates the specific rationality of action and decision-making in the small State under the aspects of continuity and change in the context of the Liechtenstein mixed constitution. The Principality is understood in a new way as a political science paradigm of a society that is both open and closed at the same time. In twelve chapters, the volume analyses Liechtenstein's multifaceted network of relations with society as a whole and the distinctive shape of its political system: Framework conditions (small state, historical, socio-economic and international context); Reigning Prince; Parliament; Government and Administration; Justice; Parties; Associations; Elections; Initiative and Referendum; Decentralised Unitary State; Decision-making process; Synthesis. A detailed bibliography rounds off the profound survey of Liechtenstein's transition to the next century.