Fundamental Rights Practice in Liechtenstein

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This handbook presents Liechtenstein's modern case law on fundamental rights in a concise and easily understandable form. It is intended to provide an up-to-date tool for teaching and practice that provides reliable and reliable information on all important fundamental rights issues. The contributions come from renowned experts in Liechtenstein constitutional law. They not only deal with the Liechtenstein fundamental rights system, but also, where appropriate, deal with the case law of the supreme courts of the neighbouring countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland in a comparative manner. Liechtenstein jurisprudence has always been enriched by the exchange with the jurisprudence of the surrounding States. In addition, the book informs interested people, citizens, about their rights in the sense of a reference book. The book will also - with respect to the dogma and practice of fundamental rights - give information about the open-mindedness of the country beyond its borders. A detailed table of contents and a subject index make the volume an indispensable aid for anyone dealing with this topic.