Dr. phil. Wilfried Marxer

Curriculum Vitae

Education and Training                                   

1996–1999 Doctoral thesis on "Electoral behavior and electoral motives in the Principality of Liechtenstein"
1997                        Extension studies in statistics at the University of Essex/England
1992–1993 Additional training as Marketing Planner
1980–1984 Studies in Political Science at the Free University in Berlin with a Diploma Degree
1977–1980    Undergraduate Studies in Political Sciences, Anthropology, and North American Studies at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich


2004–2020 Research Fellow at the Liechtenstein Institute in Politics, since 2009 Head of Research Politics
2011–2018  Director of the Liechtenstein Institute
2000–2004 Managing Director of the Liechtenstein Adult Education Foundation
2000–2003 Research project "Media in Liechtenstein"
1996–1999 Research project "Electoral behavior and electoral motives in the Principality of Liechtenstein" (PhD thesis), and diverse freelance work in the fields of communications, opinion research and political science
1994–1995 Chief Editor at Radio L, Triesen
1985–1994 Director of the Liechtenstein Association for the Protection of the Environment
1984–1985 Department of Economic Affairs, Vaduz, Statistics Section


Activities in Advisory Boards
2017–2021 Member of the Think Tank "DenkRaum Bodensee"
since 2016 Member in the List of Experts for the Human Dimension Mechanism appointed by OSCE Participating States (Moscow Mechanism)
2014–2017 Member of Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership on Community Education
since 2013 Member of the Group of Independent Experts on the European Charter of Local Self-Government
since 2012 Member of the EU Network of Independent Experts on Social Inclusion
since 2011 Member of the European Network of Academic Experts in the Field of Disability
since 2011 Member of the European Network of Legal Experts in the Anti-Discrimination Field
2011-2015 Member of the EU Socio-Economic Sciences and Humanities Programme Committee
2011-2014 Member of the VOX Advisory Board, Switzerland
2009-2012 Member of the Advisory Board of the Liechtenstein Historical Association on Research Projects on Naturalisation


Other Activities
since 2020 President Verein für Menschenrechte Liechtenstein
since 2020 Board member (treasurer) CIPRA International
since 2002 Lecturer in Political Science at the University of Liechtenstein
1998–2002 Liechtenstein Representative at the Lake Constance Academy for Sustainable Development
2004–2008 President of the Liechtenstein Academic Society
1998 and 1999 Principal investigator at the "Alpine focus" summer academy of the Liechtenstein Polytechnic and the International Commission for the Protection of the Alps, CIPRA
Several Years Moderating discussions at different events, e.g. prior to the popular vote on the European Economic Area (EEA)
Several Years Teaching in adult education on social, political and environmental issues
Several Years Member of national and local committees (nature conservation, fisheries, energy, waste disposal, etc.)
1985–1994 Representative of Liechtenstein to the Council of Europe's Naturopa-Center


Languages German (mother tongue), English, French