Microstates at Liechtenstein’s antipodes: A Look at the Cook Islands and Niue

2. Juli 2015, 18:00 - 19:30
St. Luziweg 2
Auf dem Kirchhügel
LI 9487 Gamprin-Bendern
Speaker: Zbigniew Dumieński, Phd Scholar and Teaching Fellow, Politics and International Relations, Faculty of Arts, University of Auckland

Few places are farther away from Liechtenstein than the Cook Islands and Niue. However, despite some of the obvious differences between landlocked Liechtenstein and the island microstates spread across the South Pacific, the three polities share a number of challenges and opportunities. All three face problems associated with their very small size, numerous geographic and demographic constraints. In order to address some of these difficulties they have all functioned in close economic and political associations with their respective larger neighbouring states – the relationships that have paradoxically been facilitated by the microstates’ small size and externally assumed insignificance. And against all odds, they have all managed to retain their economic and political viability in the world dominated by much bigger political units. This seminar will introduce the Cook Islands’ and Niue’s histories, politics and economies. It will highlight some of the key similarities and differences between these island states and Liechtenstein, and it will discuss the unique issues faced by the South Pacific microstates. Finally, it will present some of the areas for potential co-operation and mutual learning between the three microstates.

Der Vortrag wird in englischer Sprache gehalten.
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