Post-Brexit Europe: Lessons from the European Economic Area (PELEEA)

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When voters in the United Kingdom opted to leave the European Union, re-conceptualising European integration swiftly became one of the most pressing political challenges of our time. This project aims to make a significant and timely contribution to this debate drawing largely on the unique and highly relevant experience of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway who have structured their relations with the EU through the EEA.


The project is a Jean Monnet Activity funded by the EUs Erasmus+ programme. The project is led the Institute of International Affairs at the University of Iceland and the Centre for Small State Studies working in close collaboration with ARENA, the University of Cambridge, and the Liechtenstein-Institut.

This two-year project will include workshops and events in Oslo, Liechtenstein, Cambridge and Reykjavik. The aim of the project is to publish a book which explores what it takes for non-member states to build a successful association model with the EU.

Project Duration: 2018 to 2019