Growth Monitor

Main Research Area:

The «Growth Monitor» of the Liechtenstein Institute analyzes relevant and available economic data that depict the long-term growth development of the Liechtenstein economy from various perspectives. It is designed according to the view that prosperity is a multidimensional concept. In addition to classical economic indicators, indicators that capture aspects such as living conditions or resource consumption are also important for the long-term and sustainable development of an economy. The Growth Monitor therefore covers not only material prosperity, but also perceived welfare. The presentation in terms of a system of indicators is intended to enable a systematic assessment of Liechtenstein’s long-term growth development and is made visible and easy interpretable by a traffic light system. Currently, the Growth Monitor comprises a set of more than 70 indicators, which are evaluated in terms of situation and tendency.


The Growth Monitor is a module of the «Applied Economic Analysis», which is supported by the government of the Principality of Liechtenstein. It was first published in 2020 and annually up to the 2022 edition. Starting in 2023, the entire Growth Monitor publication, including all (over 70) indicators and the overall report, will be published every two years. However, some selected, important indicators will be published and monitored in a timely manner via the data pool on an annual basis (or with higher frequency).

Project duration: since 2020

Brunhart, Andreas; Geiger, Martin (2022): Wachstumsmonitor – Ausgabe 3 (2022). Eine mehrdimensionale Darstellung der Wachstumsentwicklung der liechtensteinischen Volkswirtschaft. Unter Mitwirkung von Lukas Hasler. Liechtenstein-Institut, Gamprin-Bendern.