Constitutional Jurisdiction in the Principality of Liechtenstein, 75 Years Constitutional Court

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The Liechtenstein Constitutional Court is one of the oldest constitutional courts in Europe. Along with the democratic institutions, the institution of the Constitutional Court is one of the strikingly new features of the Liechtenstein Constitution of 1921, which is still in force today. The Law of 19 December 1925 on the Constitutional Court has given constitutional jurisdiction in some areas a very special form and shape. It is above all the powers of control of the Constitutional Court that go beyond the Austrian model in their scope. This volume contains the speeches given at the Liechtenstein Institute on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Liechtenstein Constitutional Court. They describe the position and tasks of the Constitutional Court, comment on the development of its fundamental rights jurisdiction and make it clear that the Constitutional Court is one of the most important institutions and most important for the Liechtenstein constitutional state. In addition to the papers, two contributions have been included in this volume which are thematically related to the institution of the Constitutional Court and are of great interest.