Sport Monitoring Liechtenstein

Main Research Area:

Under the title «Sport Monitoring Liechtenstein» (SPO-MOL), a system of indicators was developed on behalf of the Sports Commission of the Government of the Principality of Liechtenstein, which enables the collection, compilation, analysis and publication of data on the central aspects of sport and physical activity in Liechtenstein. The individual indicators are to be updated periodically in the sense of long-term monitoring. Sport Monitoring Liechtenstein thus offers an analytical tool to quickly identify and document relevant developments in the Liechtenstein sport landscape and to review them with a view to political objectives. The first edition of the Sport Monitoring Liechtenstein was published in 2015.


2021, the government and the Sports Council commissioned the Liechtenstein Institute to update the sports monitoring. Four special evaluations were also prepared as part of the sports monitoring: «Sports behaviour of the adult population», «Sports and exercise behaviour», «Sports infrastructure in Liechtenstein» and «Bicycle use in Liechtenstein». The sports monitoring is divided into four thematic areas: Public health and quality of life, Education, Integration, culture and sustainability and Top-class sport, economy and image. It contains a total of 40 indicators that are assigned to these thematic areas.

Project duration: from 2013