Peter Kaiser as Politician, Historian and Educator (1793-1864)

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The contributions contained in this volume were given as lectures in the context of the "Peter Kaiser Lecture" 1993 at the Liechtenstein Institute in Bendern. In a concise and readable form, they pass on knowledge about Peter Kaiser, the Liechtenstein politician, historian and educator, and pose new research questions. Kaiser’s person and work, his time and his significance up to the present day take on sharper contours. The volume contains the following contributions: Peter Geiger, Introduction: Delivering and Researching; Arthur Brunhart, Peter Kaiser (1793-1864). A biographical sketch; Peter Geiger, Peter Kaiser’s political work and its aftermath in the 20th century; Dieter Langewiesche, Peter Kaiser as a politician; Volker Press, Peter Kaiser and the discovery of the Liechtenstein people; Ursula Germann-Müller, Peter Kaiser's educational effectiveness in the spirit of Pestalozzi.