Parliamentary Monitor

Main Research Area:

The research project focuses on the descriptive analysis of the activities of the Liechtenstein Parliament. Among other things, the research project investigates the voting behavior of the individual Members of Parliament and the use of parliamentary instruments by the parties represented in Parliament or by the individual Members of Parliament. How united are the individual parliamentary groups in the Liechtenstein Parliament? By which faction and which Members of Parliament is there most opposition? How do the individual parliamentary groups position themselves? And how does cooperation between Parliament and Government take shape? First results concerning the 2009-2013 mandate period and the activities of Parliament in 2013 were presented in various lectures. The results show, among other things, an active use of parliamentary instruments, a weakening of the pressure to form parliamentary factions and thus changing coalition formations, as well as a selective politicization of state parliament business, according to which the political debate concentrates on individual matters, while the remaining matters are mostly passed without much opposition or discussion.  


Project duration: since 2013