Migration. Facts and Analyses on Liechtenstein

Main Research Area:

The Liechtenstein Government commissioned the Liechtenstein Institute (Wilfried Marxer) to conduct a study on immigration to Liechtenstein. For this purpose, a group of experts was invited to participate. The partial reports were discussed at several workshops. In the end, reports on migration history, the national and international framework for action, the economic significance of migration, ecological challenges, culture and identity in the context of migration, inclusion, exclusion and participation resulted. In addition to Wilfried Marxer as author and editor (Migration - Fakten und Analysen zu Liechtenstein, 2012), the project also contributed: Peter Droege, Christian Frommelt, Lucia Gaschick, Peter Gilgen, Moritz Rheinberger, Carsten Schlag, Kersten Kellermann, Silvia Simon and Martina Sochin D'Elia. Josiane Meier and Stefan Schlegel were also involved in the workshops.


Project duration: 2011 to 2012