Public Finances of Liechtenstein

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Research Area:

A structural-analytical consideration of the budgets of the state, municipalities and social insurance companies


In this project, comprehensive analyses of Liechtenstein's public finances are carried out. In the light of the public austerity efforts, possible advantages and disadvantages of various instruments for stronger financial control are examined. In this context, the revenues and expenditures of public budgets are analyzed with regard to the separation of the structural component from cyclical and transitory influences. In this context, the structural deficit and the question of the sustainable financing of public budgets (state, municipalities, social security funds) are of particular interest. Exogenous determinants (e.g., the international economic crisis) and endogenous factors (weak growth of the Liechtenstein economy, reform of the financial center, tax reform, political savings efforts) are explicitly included.


A first publication in the course of this research project was included in the anthology "Gemeinden: History, Development, Significance" (contributions Liechtenstein Institute 45/2019).


Project duration: currently suspended