Liechtenstein Administrative Law, Selected Areas

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While Andreas Kley's "Grundriss des liechtensteinischen Verwaltungsrechts", which appeared in volume 23 of the series "Liechtenstein - Politische Schriften", deals primarily with the fundamentals and basic principles of Liechtenstein administrative law, this book deals with individual areas of law such as the guarantee of property and expropriation, official and state liability, the use and procurement of public property, the police and public charges, whereby great importance is attached to the jurisdiction of the State and Administrative Court. These areas of law are presented in a systematic and expert manner. The connections with other legal matters are also shown. Where it is advantageous for understanding, historical developments are pointed out. The book, which is theoretically well-founded and at the same time related to practice, should soon become an indispensable reference work for readers interested in Liechtenstein administrative law. It conveys the basic principles of the complex matters of Liechtenstein administrative law in a clear manner and is suitable for practice and study.