Liechtenstein and the ECHR

Main Research Area:

To mark 40 years of membership of the Council of Europe, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Justice and Culture organised a scientific seminar on the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) on 22 August 2018. Three publications were prompted by the two presentations given there on the ECHR in the history of fundamental rights in Liechtenstein and on the position of the ECHR in the Liechtenstein legal system: The study on Liechtenstein's history of fundamental rights, printed together with the written contributions of the other speakers in the Liechtensteinische Juristen-Zeitung (LJZ), and the discussion of the legislature's freedoms when incorporating the ECHR into the national legal system. Somewhat later, an in-depth study on the position of the ECHR in Liechtenstein appeared as a supplement, which deals in a fundamental way with the relationship between international law and national law in Liechtenstein.

Concluded: March 2019