Judicial Review in Liechtenstein Law on the Basis of the Jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court

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Research Area:

According to the provisions of Article 104 of the Constitution, the Constitutional Court Act was created in 1925. The decision for a strong constitutional jurisdiction was modelled on the so-called Austrian model, from which it deviated not insignificantly in some areas, however. The Constitutional Court, as a judicial review body, is responsible for examining the constitutionality of laws and the legality of government ordinances, whereby it renders cassatory judgements in these "matters". The book undertakes a systematic presentation of the review of norms in its context and a critical analysis of the legal situation and the case-law developed by the Constitutional Court in this regard, partly from a comparative legal perspective. It is one of the peculiarities of the Liechtenstein system of judicial review that its content cannot be deduced from the Constitution and the law alone, but can only be determined by incorporating the jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court.