30 Years of Women's Suffrage in Liechtenstein: Women and Politics

Main Research Area:

As part of the 30th anniversary of women's voting rights in Liechtenstein, a series of lectures with various speakers was organized in 2014 and a working paper on "Women and Political Parties in Liechtenstein" was prepared. 

In the course of the lecture series, the historical, international, party-political and political aspects of women's voting rights and the situation of women in Liechtenstein in general were examined with the assistance of Julia Frick, Bernadette Kubik-Risch, Karin Lingg and Ambassador Claudia Fritsche as well as Dr. Ina Bieber. By means of expert interviews, the working paper examined how the political parties in Liechtenstein promote women in terms of their political participation and why they do not succeed in getting more women on their electoral lists.


Project duration: 2013 to 2014