25 Years Liechtenstein Institute


The Liechtenstein Institute is taking its 25th anniversary (1986-2011) as an opportunity to look back on the development of Liechtenstein, the Liechtenstein Institute and, in particular, scientific research. 20 contributions provide an insight into research on Liechtenstein and Liechtenstein-related issues: on the size of the State, the monarchy, Europeanisation and globalisation, fundamental rights, freedom of opinion, state-church law, foundation law, the General Civil Code, basic traffic law and the application of law in conformity with European law, competitiveness, the State budget, attractiveness for specialists and executives, electoral and historical research, spatial development, the Count of Silum, Liechtenstein in the European Research Area, Liechtenstein statistics and the development of the Liechtenstein Institute. The appendix documents the staffing of the departments and committees over the past 25 years and lists lectures, symposia and selected publications.