Brunhart, Andreas; Meier, Julian (2024): Verteilung von Einkommen und Vermögen sowie Umverteilung in Liechtenstein und international. LI Focus 1/2024. Liechtenstein-Institut, Gamprin-Bendern.

The LI Focus 1/2024 takes a closer look at the official distribution data from an economic perspective. It thus supplements the poverty report by making additional international comparisons and also taking a closer look at the redistribution carried out by the state.

The LI Focus shows that the levels of average income and wealth in Liechtenstein are very high by international standards (also if adjusted for purchasing power). However, the disposable income of the Liechtenstein population can be described as rather concentrated because it is distributed slightly more unevenly than in neighboring Switzerland, Austria and Germany or the OECD average. In addition, the extent of state redistribution through the social and tax system in Liechtenstein is moderate.