Brunhart, Andreas (2024): Arbeitskräftemangel aus makroökonomischer Perspektive. Grundlagenanalyse für die Arbeitsgruppe «Arbeitskräftemangel» der liechtensteinischen Regierung.

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In 2023, the Liechtenstein government set up a working group made up of representatives from government agencies, business and academia to analyze the effects of the increasing shortage of skilled workers and labor on Liechtenstein as a business location and to examine specific measures. The working group's report was published in May 2024. Andreas Brunhart from the Liechtenstein Institute was also a member of the working group and provided the basic analysis "Labor shortage from a macroeconomic perspective", which was also included in the working group report.

Arbeitsmarkt Liechtenstein: Massnahmen zur Erhöhung des Arbeitskräftepotenzials und der Erwerbsbeteiligung
Bericht der Arbeitsgruppe «Arbeitskräftemangel», Mai 2024