Social cohesion in Liechtenstein

17 Jun 2024 - Survey
In cooperation with the Stiftung Lebenswertes Liechtenstein, the Liechtenstein Institute has conducted a survey on social cohesion in Liechtenstein. The initial results are now available.

The results show that the population considers cohesion to be strong, but that it is waning compared to the past. Moreover, social relationships are often cultivated in Liechtenstein. However, just over a fifth of those surveyed stated that they hardly knew their neighbors.

So zusammengehörig fühlt sich Liechtenstein, contribution by Stiftung Lebenswertes Liechtenstein, Liechtensteiner Vaterland, 11 June 2024
Sozialer Zusammenhalt – Wie ist die aktuelle Situation in Liechtenstein?, Thomas Milic in conversation with Florin Konrad from Stiftung Lebenswertes Liechtenstein, Podcast, 15 June 2024