Tagesschau report on 100 years of the Swiss franc in Liechtenstein

27 May 2024 - News
May 26 marked the centenary of the legal introduction of the Swiss franc in Liechtenstein, which is why Swiss television’s Tagesschau broadcast a report on the adoption of the Swiss currency in Liechtenstein and conducted interviews at the Liechtenstein Institute.

The process of transition from the Austrian crown to the Swiss franc as Liechtenstein’s national currency, which took several years, came to a conclusion in May 1924 with the «Law on the Introduction of the Swiss Franc Currency», which made the Swiss franc the exclusive currency in Liechtenstein. In its main edition on May 26, the SRF Tagesschau shed light on how this came about and what the consequences were and still are today. Stephan Scheuzger and Andreas Brunhart from the Liechtenstein Institute were interviewed in the report, providing a historical and economic perspective on the event.

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