Revolution 1848/49: 175 Years

21 Mar 2024 - News
On 11 and 20 March, the Liechtenstein Institute and the Historical Society commemorated the revolutionary year 1848/49 in a two-part series of events. Lectures by Peter Geiger and Alexandra Bleyer shed light on the events and significance of the "great year" in a Liechtenstein and European context respectively. A concluding panel discussion was dedicated to the question of the democratic content and legacy of the revolution.

1848/49 in Liechtenstein – «In Zukunft Bürger, nicht Untertanen …». Lecture by Peter Geiger, Schaan, March 11, 2024
Revolution in Liechtenstein: «Ist es klug, den Fürsten ganz zu einer Null zu machen?», Article by Elias Quaderer, Liechtensteiner Vaterland, March 13, 2024

1848/49 in Europa – Erfolgsgeschichte einer gescheiterten Revolution. Lecture by Alexandra Bleyer followed by a panel discussion, Schaan, March 20, 2024

Illustration: Austrian historian Alexandra Bleyer shed light on the revolution from a pan-European perspective in her lecture at the SAL in Schaan on March 20, 2024.