The Liechtenstein Institute is organised as a non-profit association in accordance with Liechtenstein's Personal and Company Law. The supreme administrative organ is the Institute's Board which is elected by the General Assembly and whose members work on a voluntary basis (President: Dr. Guido Meier). On the propos al of the Academic Council, the Board selects the Director, takes care of finances, determines the administrative management of the Institute together with the director, and, in consultation with the director, represents the Institute to the outside world. 

The Academic Council, which includes well-known professors from both Liechtenstein and abroad, ensures that the research is conducted to a high standard (Chair: Prof. Dr. Sieglinde Gstöhl). Its responsibilities include the selection of research projects and research staff.

The Director is nominated by the Scientific Council and appointed by the Executive Board. The appointment is for three years, with re-election possible. The  Director is responsible for overseeing the research, for the preparation of annual and research programs, the organization of vocational training programs, personnel matters and other executive tasks. The administrative team is there to help him with all responsibilities.

The Liechtenstein Institute is financed mainly by public contributions from the state and the municipalities, by private donations and academic development funds, and, to a lesser extent, by the income from expert reports and commissioned studies.

Statute of 28 November 2022