10. LIEconomics-Seminar

Lecture series:
4 March 2024, 10:00 - 12:00
Stiftung Zukunft.li
Industriering 14
Liechtenstein 9491 Ruggell


  • Sophia Döme (Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein) and Simon Gstöhl (Office for Statistics): Presentation of the project "Residential real estate and rental price index for Liechtenstein"
  • Doris Quaderer (Stiftung Zukunft.li): Presentation of the new study on the Liechtenstein education system
  • Andreas Brunhart (Liechtenstein Institute): "Stagnation of Liechtenstein goods exports: stocktaking and search for causes"
  • Subsequent discussion


About the event series
The "LIEconomics" seminar series, which has been held several times a year since 2019, serves to exchange research on economic topics and statistics relevant to Liechtenstein. Participants come from academic institutions (e.g. Liechtenstein Institute, University of Liechtenstein), think tanks (e.g. Stiftung Zukunft.li), authorities (e.g. FMA), administration (e.g. Office for Statistics), associations or the private sector (e.g. economists from banks). Presentations on current work, projects and publications take place from their circle. These are either in progress or have just been completed. However, external speakers may also be invited if their research is also relevant to Liechtenstein.


Of course, other people who are researching/publishing on Liechtenstein's economy or are simply interested in it are also welcome. Further information and registration: andreas.brunhart(at)liechtenstein-institut.li.