Lexicons and Handbooks

Scientific publications such as essays or monographs are often only received by a small circle of specifically interested people. Encyclopaedias and handbooks, on the other hand, offer the general public easier access to historical information and research results. They also make it easier for specialist historians to get to grips with a particular topic. In addition, it is useful for every subject area to be able to give an account of the current state of knowledge in a summary presentation from time to time, thereby also highlighting gaps in research and stimulating new research. These purposes are served by the Historical Lexicon of the Principality of Liechtenstein online (eHLFL), which has been in existence since 2018, and the project for a Handbook of Liechtenstein History (HlG), which was launched in autumn 2021. The high usage figures of the Historical Lexicon online indicate the need for easily accessible, well-founded historical information. The Handbook of Liechtenstein History aims to serve the same need in a different way: The focus here is not on quick, concise information on individual topics, but on the coherent presentation of long-term lines of development in their contemporary contexts.